So I’m sure by now,  all of you are impacted by the Coronavirus. It’s scary and for people in my age group, a real risk. If contracted,  it can be detrimental to our health. I had a trip to Florida planned this week. I decided to go, based on where I was going and the health precautions I had taken preceding my trip. I’m visiting a friend for peace and relaxation and had no plans of going anywhere in public. Because I knew I would be traveling, I had been careful when I was out and about and felt confident that I wouldn’t  be bringing the virus to Florida. When I arrived at the airport I wasn’t surprised to find that it was less crowded than usual. Don’t get me wrong….there were plenty of people traveling. People were practicing social distancing and disinfectant wipes were everywhere. I was traveling Frontier and scored a roundtrip ticket to Orlando. For $88! The thing about Frontier is that everything is extra. No luggage, including no carry on and no snacks.  For the first time in my life, I packed everything for a 5 day trip in a backpack. For anyone that knows me, I deserve an award for that! Usually, I have one suitcase filled with just shoes… kidding. Although it was only a 3 hour trip, I packed food. I think I must have starved in another life because I never travel without snacks. Even if I’m running errands in town, I always have a bag with some high protein crackers and a piece of fruit. I assembled my snack bag with confidence. Crackers, hummus, veges, and some fruit . Much to my dismay, TSA confiscated my hummus.  Really? When did hummus become a vehicle for a bomb? It was still in the sealed package from Stop and Shop. Whatever, I wasn’t going to argue with the man. 

So as I settled in on my flight, enjoying the whole row to myself, I got to thinking about some ways that we can help arm ourselves against this virus, naturally. Of course by practicing social distancing when you must be in public. Six feet is the rule of thumb. So if you put your arm out and they put their arm out, that’s six feet, easy enough. The other thing you can do is drink plenty of water and continue to get some form of exercise. Walking in the fresh air is easy, free from people and clears your head. You can also boost your immune system with certain foods. Stimulating the immune system can increase your chances of battling the Coronavirus, should you be exposed. Many doctors are saying that zinc helps support the immune system and repairs damaged body tissues. You can take zinc tablets, which contain over 300 enzymes and nutrients, but there are many foods that are high in zinc. Foods like, meat, shellfish, legumes, seeds and nuts.  All of these things will boost your antiviral capabilities. Many multivitamins contain zinc. So let’s practice good habits, be kind to others and together we will get through this. Just think years from now we can add this to our list of things that we remember where we were. For my generation, the list is as follows. The assasination of President Kennedy, the blizzard of 78, 9-11 and The Station Fire. You can email me at and please follow my blog at