Spring Fling



Often as we mature…don’t you like the way I say mature and not get old, we are confused on how to dress.  We want to look cotemporary and sexy but not like we are shopping at Forever 21!  As our bodies have changed so has our ability to carry off newer fashion.  Coupled with that,  our motivation has changed.  For those of us that are retired or semi-retired sometimes it just seems easier to wear some sweats and big t-shirts.  Trust me, this outfit is not flattering and makes you look older and frumpy.  Worry no more!  There are some great fashions that won’t break the bank are easy to put together and look great on the “Over the Young” crowd.

Let start at the top and work out way down.  One thing that is my “go to” look this spring and summer are the flowy tops that are available.  They hid a multitude of sins but can still show off your attributes, like a long neck or nice shoulders.  They are available in a tank top style, crew neck, cap sleeve and even ¾ sleeves.  They generally fit nicely in shoulder area and then have an empire waist.  The best part is that they are a longer cut so they flow down well past your waist area.  They are available in all kinds of great colors, patterns and designs.  Great colors for this year are corals, light pinks and different shades of blue.  You can find really flattering patterns that don’t overwhelm a smaller frame.  One rule of thumb and this is especially important for petite woman, is to make sure to pair a flowy top with a closer fitting pant or jeans.  The rest of us look like we are wearing a tent! Skip the side pockets on shorts, capris or pants. .  Unless you are slim the pocket flare open, especially when sitting and draw the eye to the area you’re usually trying to hide!  Only models in the magazines can pull off a flowy top with palazzo pants.  Now that’s not to say that there is never a time to rock that outfit.  For dressy affairs you can absolutely pull off this look.

Another great look that looks flattering in any figure is the wrap dress.  Go to a store where a clerk or a good friend can help you find the best cut for you.  I have 3 or four wrap dresses that I can dress up or down!  What is really important is the foot wear.  If you can still wear a high heel, that is best.  Keep in mind that a shoe with a little platform gives the illusion of height but the stress on your foot is less.  There are also some great insoles out there that make shoes a lot more comfortable!   A few name brands that offer great styles that are still comfortable are Softspots and Lulus and Naturalizer.  Try to stay away from any shoe with an ankle strap. Adding shoes of the same color will draw the eye down and make you look slimmer. A little heel goes a long way. It elongates the legs and defines the shape.It cut’s your leg and makes your calfs look chunky.  A great flattering look is a sling back with a kitten heel.    There are lots of cute flats available.  A  pointy toe is more flattering with a dressy outfit.

If you do pair a flowy top with shorts, make sure that there is at least 3 inches of the shorts showing.  Otherwise it will look like you forgot to put pants on! When choosing your bottoms keep it simple. Slim fitting capris are more flattering than a pair with a flared leg.  A solid pant is usually a great choice.  If you are pairing a pant or capris with a shorter top,  don’t shy away from pockets in the back. Contrary to popular belief pockets on the derriere actually make your bottom look smaller by breaking up the eye focus so it doesn’t look like you have a long butt.  Pockets actually give the illusion of curves!   Keep the pockets wide and low.  Again, we are talking optical illusion!  Stay away from too much bling but some pretty stitching is always nice.  When choosing your outfit ever combine patterns.  A great slimming technique is to have two similar colors next to one another. I call it the “rule of two”.  If you make sure that you have two of the same color next to one another it will be slimming.  It can be your top and bottom, bottom and shoes…anyway you do it, just don’t forget the “rule of two”!  If you decide on a pretty patterned top say with a coral and light blue pattern, select a solid pair of pants picking up one of the colors.  Adding shoes of the same color will draw the eye down and make you look slimmer.  Now for the shoes…a little heel goes a long way. It elongates the legs and defines the shape.  There are lots of great sneakers available that are comfortable and fashionable.  Keep the design slim, not workout style. Capri pants with a chunky shoe gives you a clam digger look…..never attractive!  For more tips and fashion ideas check out my blog at SixtiesAndSexy.Net.  Email me any questions at



CarrieRoseman_CF_003As we age the first place that it is really noticeable is in the face, neck, chest  and hands area. The reason is that the skin is the  It’s important to change your skin care routine for the warmer weather.  We go from dry and cold to humid and moist.  I like to use a system for facial skincare.   There will be a link at the bottom of this article to show you what I use and swear by!  Message me if you’d like more info…

To renew your skin for the spring I suggest using an exfoliant.  This removes dead skin cells built up over the winter and gives your skin a fresher look. For your face there are a lots of choices on the market.  Things to consider… want to use one that has anti-aging properties.  If you have fair skin only exfoliate your face once a week.  Darker complexions can handle two times a week.  Never exfoliate around the eyes.  The skin is the thinnest there.  That coupled with the fact that there are over 22 muscles and we blink and use them over 10,000 times a day doesn’t help!  Find a great eye cream to use and make sure it has products like alpha-hydroxy and retinol.  These both combat fine lines and wrinkles by unclogging pores and speeding up cell production.  Don’t forget the lips during your spring make-over.  Exfoliating them removes dead skin, makes them smoother and helps your lips look plumb and supple. If you don’t use lipstick a great way to protect your lips is to apply a hydrating serum and then seal it with a Vaseline or chapstick.    Now is also a good time to change your foundation you use on your face.   You can use something lighter because you will be producing more oil and sweat during the warmer months.  You may needs to adjust the color to a little darker as you get tan from the sun. This will help keep your pores from clogging and your skin clear.  Although using an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) is necessary year round, it’s especially important during the warmer months.  We tend to be outside more and the sun is closer to the earth.  Remember the number on sunscreen represents the amount of time you can stay in the sun without burning.  If you would normally start burning after 10 minutes outside a product with an SPF of 15 will make it 150 minutes.  Of course this all depends on the type of skin you have.  The biggest mistake with sunscreen application on the body is people don’t apply enough.  The rule of thumb is 1 oz every two hours.  That a shot glass full!  For your face, I suggest using a sunscreen made specifically for your that area.  Lots of foundations have sunscreen built right into them.  Facial skin is more sensitive to hormonal changes in the body. … If these glands produce too much sebum it will cause oily skin and acne, if glands produce too little sebum, your skin will become dry and sensitive. That’s why your face requires it’s own products.  This is also a great time to exfoliate your body. Especially around the elbows and knew areas which tend to get extra dry in the cold months.  There are lots of products available but I teach a great workshop on making your own Aromatherapy Body Butters and Body Scrubs.  Always apply a moisturizer after your shower or bath and it’s best done on a slightly damp body.  This helps trap in moisture.  Making your own products saves you tons of money and really helps you understand the anti-aging benefits of the ingredients, the benefits of certain essential oils and what carriers work best.  I’ll also link you to that information!

Next week we will cover  how to reinvent your look for the spring and summer months and what’s hot in 2019!  See you at the beach!

Here is the link for the skin care…

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Message me if you’d like info on the Aromatherapy Body Butter and Scrub Workshop! or through this sight


To Pee or not to Pee?

I spent the weekend with my six year old granddaughter.  We had a great time going to the planetarium and out to lunch.  I did notice something…..As usual,  before we would leave someplace I would always say “Okay make sure you use the bathroom before we leave.”  Then I realized something else…..I would have to go as well!  I guess it’s a getting older thing.  As I started researching it I found that there are lots of reasons.  Some have to do with simply aging.  Low estrogen, a weak pelvic floor and even obesity.  Other reasons can be more serious.  Bladder stones, diabetes and intestinal cystitis and a urinary tract infection.  So if you find yourself having to urinate more than usual or the urgency is so strong you can barely make it to the bathroom, make an appointment with your doctor.  Better safe than sorry!


Aromatherapy 101!



How to understand Aromatherapy….

You hear the word all the time, but what exactly does it mean?  Aromatherapy is an ancient wholistic healing technique that uses the oils extracted from herbs and plants.  These oils can be extracted from the flower, leaf and even the bark of the plants and herbs. The difficulty in extracting the oil and how common or easy the plant grows, determines the price of different essential oils.  Plants such as lavender, which is a perennial, can be grown in most regions of the world and is less expensive then say sandalwood, that is only grown in certain regions.  The way that Aromatherapy works can be equally confusing.  Essential oils work by sending messages through the neurotransmitters in your brain.  This can be done is several ways. You can diffuse them into the air with a diffusor or even a spray bottle.  You can apply them directly to the skin, diluting them with a carrier oil.  There are lots of different kinds of carrier oils such as grapeseed and coconut. You could even add some drops to your bath.  Lavender a relaxing essential oil, is a great pre-bedtime bath additive!  Some can even be ingested.  Key word, some.  These essential oils are very strong and can be harmful if not used correctly.  Check back to this blog for workshops that will be offered in the spring to help you understand Aromatherapy and make your own products!   I will also adding a short cheat sheet of common oils and their best uses..


Traveling in your sixties!

My husband and I just returned from our “try to make it until spring” trip.  I wanted to give you some tips I’ve finally mastered as far as traveling in these new times.   When I was young, I would throw a few things in a bag, and buy what you forgot when you got there!  I would always over pack and end up lugging around things that I never used.  Not any more.  Not only do most airlines charge to check a bag, yes you read that right, even one bag, packing efficiently is more important than ever.  In addition they weigh your bag now and will charge you a fee if it is overweight.  Plan out your outfits for your trip.  Keep in mind that if you are going to a warm destination you will probably spend most of your time in a bathing suit and cover-up.  I always think I’m going to change for every meal from my suit to a cute sun dress…guess what?  It very rarely happens.  So instead invest in some cute cover-ups!  They look great at resorts. I also used to bring my good jewelry.  No more!  I found that the inexpensive things that you can find at Kohl’s or even the dollar stores work great.  They can be trendy and colorful and look great on vacation.  Ditch the flip-flops.  No one under 25 can rock a pair.  They offer no support and are not easy or safe to walk around in un-chartered territory.  Instead invest in a couple of pairs of sturdy, low-heeled sandals.  They can go from pool to restaurant and make your legs and you look better.  I wear sneakers to the airport and they double as my work out shoes.  It’s important to do something for a workout, even on vacation.  In fact, especially on vacation!  Chances are you are going to eat and drink more.  The last thing you want is to come home from vacation and find that you’ve gained weight.  I’m not suggesting you spend your vaca in the resort gym.  What I like to do is walk around the area in the morning for my work-out.  It’s a great way to see the sights and help you decide what you’d like to explore during the day.  Let’s talk about your carry-on.  Now that some of us have medication that we take daily don’t forget to put those in your carry-on.  Nothing is more aggravating then having to figure out how to get your prescriptions forwarded to another place, especially if you are traveling out of the country.  Another great tip…invest in some over the counter medicines for UTI’s.  Why?  Because if you are a hot tub lover like me, coupled with wet bathing suits and maybe some added frisky vacation behavior the possibilities of getting a UTI increase.  The last thing you want to do is spend your valuable vacation time sitting in a walk-in to get meds!  Another great tip is to put all your travel information in a folder that you keep in your carry-on.  Include an envelope for receipts.  It keeps everything in one place and easy to access if necessary.  I also hav e a copy of my passport in my checked luggage.  I have traveled with someone who’s pocketbook was stolen when we arrived at the airport and she spend the first day of vacation getting a new passport.  Having a copy makes the process easier and faster!  Last but not least, if at all possible, shut off your phone.  During our last trip we didn’t have phone service.  I didn’t realize with my new carrier that I needed to request it ahead of time.  You know what?  It was actually great not having to worry about it!  Most of all, have fun and be thankful that you have your health and the ability to travel! CarrieRoseman_CF_025