My Airbnb experiences…

I have been hosting for Airbnb for over 4 yers.  I have meet over 600 people from 16 countries.  It has been amazing!  I love sharing my great city of Warwick and the great state of Rhode Island.  There have been struggles… date I am the only Airbnb that has been forced to register with he city and forces to comply to rules and regulations.  Some made sense, some they were making up as they went along but after a two year and $2000.00 as far as I know, I am the only legal one that is running!  My battle with the city continues!  But I digress….I really wanted to share some wonderful experiences that I have had over the years.  As you can imagine, being a Rhode Islander means that most recommendations are about food.  I send people to Federal Hill for Italian, Iggy’s for clambakes and chowder and Newport for seafood.  Of course I always include the scenic part of each place but truly it’s a food tour.  Over the next few weeks I will be sharing some of the reviews that people leave in my book about their experiences!  This weekend I played the tourist and went to Narragansett, RI.  As you can imagine the beaches were beautiful and although we did not stop to eat there, we did stumble upon a great art festival held in the park next to the Towers!  Make sure if you live in RI you play tourist sometimes and if you don’t hit me up and I’ll tell you all about my fabulous Airbnb!


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