To Pee or not to Pee?

I spent the weekend with my six year old granddaughter.  We had a great time going to the planetarium and out to lunch.  I did notice something…..As usual,  before we would leave someplace I would always say “Okay make sure you use the bathroom before we leave.”  Then I realized something else…..I would have to go as well!  I guess it’s a getting older thing.  As I started researching it I found that there are lots of reasons.  Some have to do with simply aging.  Low estrogen, a weak pelvic floor and even obesity.  Other reasons can be more serious.  Bladder stones, diabetes and intestinal cystitis and a urinary tract infection.  So if you find yourself having to urinate more than usual or the urgency is so strong you can barely make it to the bathroom, make an appointment with your doctor.  Better safe than sorry!


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