Aromatherapy 101!



How to understand Aromatherapy….

You hear the word all the time, but what exactly does it mean?  Aromatherapy is an ancient wholistic healing technique that uses the oils extracted from herbs and plants.  These oils can be extracted from the flower, leaf and even the bark of the plants and herbs. The difficulty in extracting the oil and how common or easy the plant grows, determines the price of different essential oils.  Plants such as lavender, which is a perennial, can be grown in most regions of the world and is less expensive then say sandalwood, that is only grown in certain regions.  The way that Aromatherapy works can be equally confusing.  Essential oils work by sending messages through the neurotransmitters in your brain.  This can be done is several ways. You can diffuse them into the air with a diffusor or even a spray bottle.  You can apply them directly to the skin, diluting them with a carrier oil.  There are lots of different kinds of carrier oils such as grapeseed and coconut. You could even add some drops to your bath.  Lavender a relaxing essential oil, is a great pre-bedtime bath additive!  Some can even be ingested.  Key word, some.  These essential oils are very strong and can be harmful if not used correctly.  Check back to this blog for workshops that will be offered in the spring to help you understand Aromatherapy and make your own products!   I will also adding a short cheat sheet of common oils and their best uses..


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