Baby it’s cold outside!

I find that it’s not as easy to work-out in the winter.  I have a gym membership but the thought of going out in the cold to go sweat somewhere and then getting back in a cold car….well just plain BRRRRRRR!  It’s good to have several choices.  Today I’m going to bundle up myself and my puppy, Lucas, and head over to my “Walk and Talk”, at our local park in RI, Rocky Point.  It’s a 2 mile walk along the water.  I’m hoping the beautiful sunshine will make me feel great and of course there is the view!  Other things that I do is look for workouts on You Tube.  You can find anything from yoga, weights, H.I.T.T workouts and more.  Even doing something for 15 or 20 minutes is beneficial.   Moving in anyway is good for your soul and your heart!  Give it a try!




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