Does middle age means middle fat? I have a secret to share!


This was my fear as I was in my mid-50’s.  I noticed a few pounds creeping up on me.  I’ve never been really over weight so this was just that pudge fat…you know, the pounds that make your jeans tight and causes you to have love handles.  I would go on a “diet” and lose the 4-6 lbs only to see it return!  I tried everything…Weight Watchers, South Beach, cabbage soup, you name it I tried it.  they all worked, while I was doing them but as soon as I went back to life the weight would come back.  What I learned is I had to unlearn everything I thought to be true about weight and weight gain.  I had to quite focusing on the scale and start focusing on nutrition.  It took a while but finally I got it!  Did you know that it’s 80% nutrition and 20% exercise? It’s so hard to undo years of diet, deprivation thinking.  Now I work out less and eat more!  Message me if you’d like more information on the nutrition plan that I use!

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